OpenADR Certification Process

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The OpenADR Alliance was formed to build on the foundation of technical activities to support the development, testing, and deployment of commercial OpenADR and facilitates its acceleration and widespread adoption. This approach needs to engage service providers (such as electric utilities and systems operators) within the domain of the Smart Grid that publish OpenADR signals, as well as the facilities or third-party entities that consume them to manage electric loads. The OpenADR Alliance will enable all stakeholders to participate in automated DR, dynamic pricing, and electricity grid reliability.

OpenADR2.0 follows the notion of Virtual Top Nodes (VTN) and Virtual End Nodes (VEN) as outlined in the OASIS Energy Interoperation. For the purpose of device development, the OpenADR Alliance always tests the interface between a VTN and a VEN whereas either node can be the device under test (DUT). Intelligence build into the systems not related to the OpenADR 2.0 message exchange is not part of the OpenADR Alliance testing program.

OpenADR Alliance's newest initiative is the EcoPort Certification Program. The EcoPort certification follows the same process as the OpenADR program. The types of products are the Smart Grid Device (SGD - often an appliance) and the Universal Communication Module (UCM). There are several certification levels. For more information please visit the EcoPort page.

Product Types for OpenADR Certification

The Virtual Top Nodes (VTN) is an information exchange server. This server can be located at the highest infrastructure level (e.g. Utility Company), at an aggregator level, or at the managed facility. Each VTN can have 1-N VENs. Commonly VTNs are reasonably powerful computer systems.

The Virtual End Nodes (VEN) are clients to one or more VTN and can be located one level below any of the suitable VTN locations. VENs can be simple devices like load controllers, thermostats or more powerful implementations like energy management systems or aggregator level control servers.

Download the Certification Policy here.

Download the EcoPort Certification Policy here.

Test Facilities

The OpenADR Alliance has partnered with several international test houses to provide testing services to members of the Alliance. Look for the EcoPort tag to see if the test facility is capable of this certification.

OpenADR and EcoPort (CTA-2045):
UL Solutions
3020 1st Ave E.
Newton, IA 50208
Phone: +1 641-787-8759
[email protected]

Intertek Japan K.K.
Matsuda Laboratory
1283 Yadoriki, Matsuda,
Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa
258-0001 Japan
Telephone : +81 465 89 2316
[email protected]
Intertek ETL SEMKO Korea Ltd.
1103, Ace Techno Tower, 38,
Digital-ro 29gil (Guro3-dong),
Guro-gu, Seoul, 152-779,
Republic of Korea
Phone: +82-2-860-0203
Email: [email protected]
TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
Global Technology Assessment Center
4-25-2 Kita-Yamata, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0021
(+81) 45-470-1850
e-mail: [email protected]
TUV Rheinland Korea Ltd.

Young City, N-Tower, 25, Mullae-ro 28-gil,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
#07298, Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 2 860 9983

[email protected]

Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan
No.8, Ln. 29, Wenming Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel:+886-3-3280026 ext. 596 
Email: [email protected]

China Electric Power Research Institute
No.15,Xiaoying East Road
Qinghe,Haidian District,Beijing,China
Phone: +86-10-82813301ext.8029
Email: [email protected]

Powertech Labs
12388 - 88th Ave
Surrey, British Columbia
V3W 7R7
T: +1 604 590 7500

[email protected]

22 Gas St
B1 2JT
United Kingdom

Bill Chard
[email protected]

+44 7435 993504


CSA Group, CCIC-CSA International Certification Co., Ltd. Kunshan Branch
Building 8, Tsinghua Science Park,
No 1666 Zu chongzhi Rd (S),
Kunshan, Jiangsu (215347)

T:  +86 0512-8186 8885

Email: [email protected]