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OpenADR Momentum & Ford Joins Board of Directors
Ford Motor Company becomes first automotive manufacturer to joinOpenADR Alliance
as EV market expansion drives membership growth in Europe
28 February 2023; London, UK - Ford Motor Company (Ford) has become the first automotive manufacturer to join the OpenADR Alliance Board of Directors and as a member company, as demand for electric vehicles (EVs) accelerates. Created to foster the development, adoption, and compliance of the OpenADR and related communications standards, the Alliance has seen record growth in membership, with managed EV charging platforms the fastest growing component.
Alliance to showcase OpenADR EV, DER & DR Solutions

JANUARY 25, 2023

OpenADR Alliance to showcase OpenADR DER & DR Solutions with QualityLogic and Grid Solutions

  • Ford Motor Company joins OpenADR’s Leadership
  • Product innovation allows cloud-based, rapid deployment of demand side resources
  • New certification program supports water heaters and other appliances as part of peak-load management or other customer programs

WHEN: Feb. 7-9, 2022

WHERE: San Diego Convention Center in booth 6111 (next to the EV Zone)

WHAT: The OpenADR Alliance is broadening its outreach in 2023 in response to the accelerating certification of products and growing deployment of OpenADR-based solutions. The OpenADR Alliance, along with members QualityLogic and Grid Solutions, are showcasing solutions and developer resources based on the OpenADR standard for renewable energy, energy storage, demand response and electric vehicle charging. More than 25 OpenADR members including ABB, Itron, Landis+Gyr,  IPKeys Partners and more, are exhibiting smart grid solutions throughout the showfloor.

AMPECO and OpenADR Alliance partner in Europe

AMPECO and OpenADR Alliance partner to unlock energy flexibility opportunities in Europe

OpenADR is becoming the most common standard for EV charging demand response applications

30 November – ENLIT Europe - Frankfurt, Germany

AMPECO and OpenADR Alliance have announced their partnership at Enlit Europe 2022 in Frankfurt, to empower global utilities and charge point operators in unlocking energy flexibility opportunities. Coinciding with Europe’s largest event for distributed energy resources with more than 15,000 attendees, today’s announcement demonstrates the growing momentum for cloud-based demand response (DR) solutions in the context of electric vehicle (EV) charging.

First Certified EcoPort Products

OpenADR Alliance Announces First Certified EcoPort Products

Rheem, American Standard, e-Radio Debut CTA-2045 Compliant
Water Heaters, Components

San Ramon, CA- October 26, 2022- The OpenADR Alliance today announced that two major water-heating manufacturers, Rheem and American Standard Water Heaters have achieved EcoPort certification, the Alliance’s newest certification program.  In addition a component module provider e-Radio Inc., also achieved EcoPort certification. EcoPort, the consumer-facing brand for the ANSI/CTA-2045 technical standard was created by a collaborative group of utilities, manufacturers and government stakeholders, and helps local electric utilities support water heaters and other appliances as part of peak-load management or other customer programs.

Record Growth of EV Industry and Membership

OpenADR Alliance Sees Record Growth of EV Industry and Membership
Sunil Goyal From Ford Motor Company to Join OpenADR Alliance Board of Directors

San Ramon, CA- September 20, 2022- The OpenADR Alliance, a nonprofit corporation created to foster the development, adoption and compliance of the OpenADR and related communications standards, today announced it has seen significant progress in global market adoption of the OpenADR standard for use in effectively and securely managing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in electric grids.  Sunil Goyal from Ford Motor Company has joined the Board of Directors and Alliance membership over the last two years has grown 40 percent with a large part of new members in the EVSE industry.

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