Universal Devices integrates real time weather with OpenADR and home automation platform.

June 11, 2014 Encino, CA – Universal Devices, an industry leader in energy management and automation devices, announced today general availability of its enhanced weather reporting and forecast module. Together with HAMweather's Aeris service, users can now utilize weather data to make smart energy management decisions with the ISY994 platform.

Simple logic can be used to control devices within the home or business and use the weather information to augment the intelligent decisions. By taking weather into consideration users have the power to intelligently decide how to control HVAC, Lighting, and Irrigation based on current and future events.

The ISY994 platform is customizable with a variety of valuable modules offering a low cost platform that grows with the user. Adding to this functionality the HAMweather module provides 40 points of data such as temperature, humidity, wind, and intensity levels. Universal Devices Chief Product Officer, Mike Ippolito said “The power of the ISY994 logic combined with the reliable weather from HAMweather is the missing piece in (home & business) automation.”

With current and forecast weather, the ISY994 series controllers provide unprecedented flexibility and cost savings when combined with Utility‐based Demand Response initiatives such as OpenADR and Smart Energy Profile (SEP.)

“Weather forecasts are a valuable tool for load reduction initiatives,” said Barry Haaser, managing director, OpenADR Alliance. “By providing weather information to OpenADR2.0 certified devices, customers can make informed decisions about whether to opt in or out of a demand response event or to pre‐cool their premises in advance of the event.”

The Universal Devices ISY994 series provides users a low cost automation platform for truly controlling energy costs. The ISY994 is the most powerful automation controller for home, business, and industry. Capable of communicating with a wide variety of off‐the‐shelf devices such as thermostats, lighting, A/V equipment, and pumps wirelessly using ZigBee, Z‐Wave, Inseton, or via Network and direct contacts. In addition the ISY994 series, when properly equipped, can read energy consumption from individual devices and smart meters. Unlike other solutions that use ‘the cloud’ to process
and store information, the ISY994 allows users to keep their information private by running everything local, but yet accessible from a variety of devices.

The weather module is available today for installation on all ISY994 series products.

More information is available at www.universal‐devices.com