REGEN ENERGY, creators of Swarm Energy Management® re-branded to ENCYCLE

San Marcos, CA and Toronto, Canada, November 4, 2015 – Encycle Corporation, formerly Regen Energy Inc., today announced that it has undergone a brand transformation to better reflect its “energy cycling” Swarm technology and in anticipation of the new and exciting business endeavors the company will be rolling out in the near future. 

The new Encycle brand is bright, sophisticated, brainy, and modern.  New messaging points the bow of the brand’s ship straight to the C-suites desires, underscoring that making smart economic energy choices equates to wise sustainability practices and savvy business.   Encycle’s portfolio of proven savings backs this up and includes large commercial, industrial, retail, and institutional clients. The brand’s new optic language is sophisticated too – the logo harkening the idea of “smoothing out peaks” as well as “cycling” energy.  Encycle’s new Web presence at is clean, informative and enjoyable to navigate.

Along with product announcements over the coming months, and strategic alliances inked over the past year, Encycle will offer the same multi-patented and highly regarded Swarm LogicTM technology already adopted in many hundreds of facilities across North America and beyond.  Using Swarm Energy Management, many customers have reduced energy costs by 25% or more enjoying ROIs of less than 12 months. Installation is non-disruptive and quick, and in many cases, a substantial proportion, if not all of the installation costs can be covered by utility incentives, providing an almost instant return on investment. This simple “set and forget” installation, providing excellent returns and reduction of a company’s carbon foot print, also provides a rapid and meaningful impact to our client’s sustainability programs, whether internally or externally mandated.

Swarm Energy Management simplifies what is otherwise a complicated task – optimizing the energy usage of large commercial, industrial and retail facilities with automated intelligence.   Unlike other products which focus on a single capability, Swarm Energy Management combines Demand Management, Consumption Management and Intelligent Demand response to maximize savings and efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

About Encycle

Encycle Corporation is revolutionizing the way building operators reduce their peak electrical demand while maintaining comfort through its patented wireless smart grid technology platform, Swarm Energy Management.  This platform optimizes peak demand consumption and OpenADR-certified automated demand response electrical savings opportunities, as well as unique fault detection reporting. It allows commercial, industrial and institutional buildings with little-to-no building automation to finally participate in the rapidly growing automated demand response and dynamic load management markets.  

Encycle’s major offices are located in Toronto, Canada, San Marcos, California, and Taunton, United Kingdom.

Encycle, Swarm Logic and Swarm Energy Management are registered or pending trademarks of Encycle Corporation.

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