GridPoint Announces OpenADR Certification

Solution Uniquely Integrates Automated Demand Management with Data-driven Energy Management

Arlington, VA –– EMBARGO –– GridPoint, an innovator in data-driven energy management solutions (EMS), today announced it has received OpenADR 2.0 certification for its demand management capability from the Open ADR Alliance. Founded in 2010, The OpenADR Alliance was formed to foster the development, adoption, and compliance of open automated demand response standards.

Automated demand response uses modern communication tools to control equipment and systematically reduce peaks in real-time. This automation creates faster, more reliable demand response systems, and opens demand response participation to a broader range of end users.  GridPoint’s comprehensive demand management capability supports utility demand response programs as well as independent peak demand management through GridPoint’s automated ‘load-control’ algorithms.  Asset-level submetering data from GridPoint’s EMS plays a vital role in helping customers and operators establish an effective demand response strategy to support energy goals with minimal impacts. When a demand response event is executed, these algorithms automatically curtail appropriate loads without sacrificing customer comfort.

This certification enables more utilities and operators to reach GridPoint customers and, in turn, empowers more customers to participate in these demand response programs. “By integrating automated demand response with GridPoint’s EMS, customers can take advantage of both the benefits associated with demand response programs across one or many sites, and the on-going energy and operational savings associated with an energy management solution,” says Mark Danzenbaker SVP Product, Marketing, and Sales. “This means cash back to customers’ bottom line while also supporting their broader sustainability goals.”

About GridPoint
GridPoint is an innovator in comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) that leverage the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics and cloud computing to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization and sustainability benefits. GridPoint’s integrated energy management portfolio of asset-level submetering and monitoring, intelligent controlenergy management software and professional services can generate energy savings up to 30% and an 18-36 month payback.

GridPoint solutions are deployed at over 11,000 sites with over 100 billion customer data points collected to date, and 75 million added daily. Customers include 5 of the top 10 retailers by total sales, 3 of the top 10 casual dining restaurants, 5 of the top 20 quick serve restaurants, leading commercial and industrial enterprises and major government and educational institutions. To learn more, visit, and keep up with the latest GridPoint news via LinkedIn and Twitter @GridPoint.