May 2014


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  1. New Members
  2. OpenADR News 
  3. Members in Action
  4. Technical Update
  5. Upcoming Events

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New Members                                                    



OpenADR News Alerts


IPKeys announced the successful conclusion of multi-phase pilots at PJM Interconnection for Ancillary Services (Synchronous Reserve and Regulation) utilizing IPKeys’ OpenADR 2.0b certified Energy Interop Server & System (EISS™).


There are now over 50 certified products conforming to the 2.0a and 2.0b Profile Specifications, signifying a growing global ecosystem. Read More.


Powerit Solutions, an international energy management technology company, announced receipt of the OpenADR 2.0b Profile Specification certification. OpenADR 2.0b is a full-feature specification for complex energy management solutions supporting automated demand response (DR) and distributed energy resource management for both wholesale and retail programs.


What the Court Decision on FERC Order 745 Means for Demand Response? Read this article from GreenTech Media.


 For any marketing related matters please contact [email protected]



OpenADR Alliance in Action

Summer is almost upon us again and automated demand response is becoming more of an all seasons approach to energy and economic savings.  For commercial, industrial and residential properties, Enerliance recently shared demand response is “good for people, businesses, and the environment, and will unlock a future that relies on intelligent, resilient, and clean energy solutions.”    


Given the need to communicate the clear benefits of automated demand response, it is fitting that CPS Energy was awarded a “Griddie” for Excellence in Communications by the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid. Another award winning member to note is Comverge, which earned Smart Grid Product of the Year via TMCnet. 


Please be sure to view the following link to the OpenADR Project Map hosted by LBNL: We are seeking information from our members to populate the map with OpenADR programs and pilots. Please contact [email protected] if you have data to share.


Again, to recap from the PLMA meeting in Denver, here are some pictures equipped with short videos:    


We are revamping the OpenADR website to focus on educating key audiences and propelling the OpenADR standard toward widespread adoption.  Thank you for the input some of you have put forth already. To be included in this process, please email: [email protected] ASAP.


Whether you caught it or missed it, this Navigant webinar is a must share: Automated Demand Response: Technology Trends and Global Growth Drivers,   


Our strength lies in the projects and programs we are working on and developing.  For any member related matters please connect with [email protected]


Technical Update

The Implementation Working Group (IWG) is looking for your input! If you are involved in the creation or definition of DR programs please join us at the IWG to help define the standardized OpenADR DR Programs. This effort will help DR program operators and vendors to make the right decisions for their services and products and will lower the barrier to enter the DR market for all.


Also, do not miss our upcoming test event in Menlo Park, CA just before the members meeting. See for details. For technical questions contact [email protected]


New certified products in May:

-Powerit Solutions

-IC Systems, Inc


Upcoming Events 

Member Meeting:

Register TODAY for the OpenADR meeting June18 & 19th in San Jose, California. Join us for lunch at noon and the OpenADR meeting at 1:00PM PST on Wednesday, June 18th. Members may attend free of charge and non-members for just $99. Sessions will highlight the latest developments involving the OpenADR Alliance as well as provide the latest from industry experts on current utility projects and product implementations. Check out the full agenda here. 


If you're interested in participating in a member product and service exhibit, please email [email protected] for more information or call 201.707.6558.





OpenADR Mission Statement

The mission of the OpenADR Alliance is to foster global development, adoption, and compliance of Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standards through collaboration, education, testing, and certification.