EcoPort Certification & Branding

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Certification Process

EcoPort Certification follows the same process as the OpenADR program.

Visit the EcoPort Certified Product Database

Manufacturer selects feature set -> Selects Appointed Test House -> Schedules Testing -> Upon Successful Testing Submits documents to the OpenADR Alliance for certification.

Test House contact:
UL Solutions
3020 1st Ave E.
Newton, IA 50208
Phone: +1 641-787-8759
[email protected]

Required documentation:
- Declaration of Conformity (template OpenADR members only)
- PICS Document (template members only)
- Test Report
- Product Description for website
- Web link to product
- Image or Logo for website

Buy the test tool here.

Related documents:

- Download the CTA-2045 Standard here

- Certification Policy
- CTA 2045 Levels Command Overview
- CTA 2045 Levels Guidance for Water Heaters

EcoPort Brand Usage Guidelines

Why is there a brand?

The CTA-2045 standard was created by a technical working group. A brand is needed for easier communication to customers and installers who seek to purchase appliances that comply with the standard. An example of a marketing name related to a technical standard is the well-known marketing name of Wi-Fi vs. its technical standard, IEEE 802.11.

Brand Usage Requirements

To use these marks, organizations must complete product certification as detailed in the Certification Process documentation above.

Uses of the Certification Mark include:

  • Certified products or product packaging.
  • Advertisements, point-of-purchase materials, and other promotional materials when used on or near a certified product, home, or building;
  • Product literature or a Web page that identifies a certified product.
  • Advertisements or promotional materials from utility companies or other organizations that direct consumers to EcoPort branded products in order to satisfy requirements for utility programs.

Click here for a link to the EcoPort style guide.