The following companies are endorsing the OpenADR Demand Response Program Guide

                 Rahul Kar, Director of Solutions, AutoGrid

"AutoGrid powers Demand Response programs across the globe. Whether we are implementing Capacity Bidding, Bring Your Own Things™, or Electric Vehicle Charging programs, The DR Guide provides us with what we need to make our clients successful."


     Tom Willie, CEO, Blue Pillar

“Demand response strengthens grid resiliency. Thanks to the efforts of the OpenADR Alliance Certification Program and DR Guide, the industry is better equipped to bring solutions to market that will offer tremendous energy savings, resiliency and grid stability. Today, Blue Pillar announced expanded functionality in our next generation Aurora® platform with an OpenADR 2.0a VEN certified module and look forward to supporting the efforts of the Open ADR Alliance to continue to push standards that meet the needs of our customers and grid stability.”


          Terry Rohrer, SVP, Marketing and Technology, BPL Global

"BPL Global has embraced the OpenADR community for many years, and has enabled OpenADR technologies in our Connected Energy platform, realizing benefit for utility programs and utility customers.  The latest OpenADR DR Guide and Certification Program are a major step forward in the pursuit of standardization for DR technologies for utility programs."

     Art Villanueva, CTO/CSO, CLEANSPARK

“OpenADR Alliance’s Demand Response Program Implementation Guide is critical to industry standardization and widespread adoption of demand response technologies and practices, incorporating expert opinions and lessons learned from real world deployments.”

         Martin Fassier, Product Director, CaSA

"OpenADR implementation can be overwhelming if it's not looked at from the proper angle. Every scenario is unique and guidance may become necessary to navigate the tremendous possibilities OpenADR has to offer. With the help of the new DR Program Guide, CaSA's software development team quickly found the most efficient path to compliance for our residential DR solutions."


        Ann Perreault, Marketing Director for Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions

“The DR Guide and Certification Program are a major step forward in improving the implementation and integration of DR resources for utility programs.”


    Mark Kerbel, CTO, Encycle

"The Implementation Certification program will go a long way to not only helping new utilities craft DR programs using industry-accepted templates, but will also help VEN vendors prepare their offerings for each utility in a cost-effective and timely manner.  Such efforts help “close the loop” on providing all parties with a clear understanding of how to bring more DR load to the market."


     Dave Hyland, Director Utility DSM Solutions, Schneider Electric

“The new “OpenADR 2.0 Demand Response Program Guide” and updated Certification Program is a major step forward in the standardization of DR technologies for utility programs. We are pleased to endorse the DR Guide Programs and intend to implement them with certified OpenADR products and strongly recommend their use to utilities and vendors with whom we work.”

         Austin Zeller, Product Development Engineer, Steffes

In response to certain specific requests from Utilities, the Steffes Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) Water and Space Heating System has completed 2+ yrs of work to become OpenADR 2.0b compliant and fully functional with the leading International Integrated Load Management (ILM) / Demand Response Management System.

Steffes “GETS” is recognized by the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) as “equipment that are designed for and capable of receiving, storing and discharging energy. Common examples of energy storage systems include chemical batteries, flywheels, and thermal storage systems.” IGCC also included a further definition of “GETS” as “an electric-powered heat storage system for space heating units and service water heating units that is controlled by electric system grid operators such as utilities, independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs).”


      Michel Kohanim, CEO, Universal Devices

As one of the original spec editors for OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b, and as one of the first commercially available certified VENs, we have successfully utilized ISY (our VEN) in many different DR programs for different utilities. This said – and apart from simple ADR programs that use simple signaling methods – we have had to spend much resources to configure ISY differently for different programs. The Program Guide – along with certification – will guarantee utility programs compatibility with different certified VTN and VEN combinations and, therefore, no longer will it be necessary for VTN/VEN vendors to spend resources to implement and test custom configurations. The added benefit is that utilities can rest assured that all certified VEN/VTN combinations will work in a plug and play manner while promoting an open ecosystem such that neither the customer nor the utility is bound to a specific VTN/VEN vendor/implementation.”