Market Analysis Tools and Financing by

The OpenADR Alliance is partnering with Joule Assets to give members special access to their DR market analysis tools. Joule understands the transformative impact of ADR and their business model works to facilitate this transformation and rapid adoption of the OpenADR standard.

Leveraging their market analysis software, they create Energy Reduction Assets™ (ERAs) by analyzing market structures that value reduction of peak demand and increased energy efficiency. Their tools are designed to show the value of your OpenADR solution with quick access to accurate and unbiased market analysis software and financing.

Joule's ERA DR-Lite allows you to easily identify how many demand response programs your installation qualifies for and the revenue the site might earn by participating in these programs. Simply enter a site’s zip code and curtailment capability, and ERA-DR Lite will find the programs in their database that match your needs, enabling you to demonstrate the value your solution provides.

Joule's ERA Critical Peak Pricing Calculator (CPP) is designed to analyze a site’s electric bill under the current rate schedule and compare it to the bill under the utility’s alternative critical peak pricing rate schedule.  When you upload meter data, ERA CPP provides you with the ability to help customers make an informed decision on the best tariff for them. ERA CPP is currently available for the San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric service areas for most tariff options with more utilities to be added.

Joule’s ERA Fund is dedicated to providing financing solutions for integrated EE and ADR installations. Contact Joule for more information at [email protected] or visit