February 2014


Table of Contents

  1. Members in Action
  2. EPRI Releases Open Source
  3. DistribuTECH Highlights
  4. Technical Update
  5. Success Story Campaign
  6. Upcoming Events

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OpenADR Alliance in Action

The OpenADR Alliance and Wi-SUN Alliance this week announced a liaison agreement to more quickly accelerate the rollout of energy efficient program offerings. The two organizations will work together to enable interoperability between Smart Utility Networks and utility demand response programs based on the OpenADR specification. To view the entire release click here.

Earlier this month, OATI called upon OpenADR Alliance to spread the word about their quest for recognition as one of the Top 14 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014.  The votes are in and, they earned it!  Awards are a great opportunity for boosting your business goals and we are here to help.  Next opportunity on deck? Peak Load Management Association’s (PLMA) Best 2013 Demand Response Programs and Practices.  Nomination acceptance ends THIS Friday so please let us know if you need help. To keep our fingers on the pulse of your undertakings, we look forward to speaking with you in the coming weeks and months about what OpenADR projects and practices you are working on. For any member related matters please contact [email protected].


EPRI Releases Open Source OpenADR 2.0b VTN and VEN Code

EPRI Open Source OpenADR software now available on Sourceforge. It includes both the Virtual Top Node (VTN)http://sourceforge.net/projects/openadr2vtn/ and the Virtual End Node (VEN) http://sourceforge.net/projects/openadr2bven-pull/. EPRI is using this software as a research tool in their OpenADR Demonstrations with utilities in the US, Japan, France and Ireland. This is an important step for interoperability of Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resource Integration. Next steps will be to complete the certification process with the OpenADR Alliance.

DistribuTECH Highlights 

The OpenADR Alliance had a strong showing at the DistribuTECH Conference in San Antonio with 23 members exhibiting. There were several meetings with the press and analyst in attendance and several people interested in learning more about the Alliance. Here is an article as a result of a press meeting with editor Katherine Tweed from GreenTech Media: The Demand Response Industry Simplifies Communication Protocol OpenADR.

Here’s a clip from the Bring Your Own Thermostat Panel at DistribuTech.  In the breakout education sessions, it was clear that there was a good mix of organizations utilizing OpenADR, those with knowledge of the standard, and organizations which are tremendously curious. When asked about the standard in practice, panelist Lupe Jimenez, Senior Project Manager of Smart Grid R&D at SMUD said, “OpenADR just offers many more opportunities.”


Technical Update

 IEC Approves OpenADR 2.0b Specification 

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has approved the OpenADR 2.0b Profile Specification as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) IEC/PAS 62746-10-1 as a basis for a new commission standard to be developed. The level of international support for the PAS validates the global importance of the OpenADR smart grid specification. For more information click here.

New Certified Products

Gridwiz Inc. - Gridwiz Lavendar
Honeywell International - Novar Opus BAS
I-ON Communications Co., LTD. - DRMS (Demand Response Management System)
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) - KERI_OpenADR2.0a_VEN
Universal Devices, Inc. - ISY994Z Series

Success Story Campaign

We want to help you promote your OpenADR-related products and solutions! We’re launching a new campaign called “Success with OpenADR” to develop Alliance member success stories.  These brief, 1-3 minute video or one-page written stories will help your company and the Alliance. If interested, please provide a contact name, email and phone number for your organization to [email protected] so we can assist you on your success video or story today. 


Be sure to check out James Mater of QualityLogic discuss OpenADR 2.0 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LZaoHuPpR0. Also to view our latest success story from OATI visit http://www.openadr.org/success-stories.


Upcoming Events

OpenADR 2.0 Workshop in March

QualityLogic is pleased to announce a new open enrollment OpenADR 2.0 Workshop in Southern California on March 18-19, 2014. The Early Bird enrollment discount expires March 1, so be sure to sign up!

Find out more:


15th PLMA Spring Conference
Mile-High View of Demand Response
April 15-16, 2014
Embassy Suites Downtown
Denver, Colorado
For more information and to register please visit http://www.peaklma.org/event/15thspring

OpenADR Member Meeting
April 17, 2014
Embassy Suites Downtown
Denver, Colorado
For more information and to register please visit http://www.openadr.org


OpenADR Mission Statement

The mission of the OpenADR Alliance is to foster global development, adoption, and compliance of Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standards through collaboration, education, testing, and certification.